Manila Masters
Sokratis Michailidis
  • SomiTequila
  • Current Team Team Phantasma
  • Player Age 24
  • Ingame Role Hearthstone Player

Player Bio

-5x Reached #1 Legend, January 17' finished #1 Legend
-3x Qualified at Playoffs (Top64 European Players)
-20th Seoul Masters score 9-3
-Qualified at Texas, Bucharest and California Masters tournaments
-Δ.Ε.Θ. National Champion 2018
-1st Place GameAthlon 2018
-2x 1st Place at King Of Cards
-1st Place at Extreme Tavern Tourney
-2nd Place at Genji:HoC
-2nd Place at Inspot National 2018
-Top4 at China vs Europe Quals
-Creator of meta-breaking decks: Hyena Hunter, Jade Shaman, Ramp Kel'Thuzad Druid, hit #1 with all of them