Greek Regenesis Esports

Founded 26 Apr 2016

About the team

There was a time, after genesis, that everything was under dispute and only chaos was existing among greek community.Many differents thoughts without any sense rumored, flame and blame happened daily and lack of perception and humility made the whole situation so inconvenient and freezy.Then, suddendly, something strange happened. A thunder of hope mixed with hype stroke in Greece. 5 people felt that they were meant for something different, something big, something competitive, and decided to leave everything behind.
Wearing a cape of invisibility, they fearlessly started to walk as pack of pandas towards dead-in-mind people to forfeit their destiny and make their dream come true, to complete the regenesis, the Greek regenesis.

Started as individuals, continued as friends, ended up as brothers.

1° SEEC III Romania 2016
1° ESL Invitational - Thessaloniki 2016
2° eFood - GameAthlon - 3.5 Edition 2016
1° The League Heat Series 2016 (Summer Split)
2° Game Evolution Bulgary 2016
1° eGaming Helexpo 2016
1° inSpot Rotonta eXtreme Cup 2016
1° ESL Digital Universe #3 2016
1° SEC IV Serbia 2016
2° Lets Play Spring Bulgary 2017
1° LoL Greek Championship Season 2 2017
1° eGaming Helexpo 2017
1° Lan Masters - Digital Expo 2017
2° EBL Season 1 2017
2° LGL S1 Winter 2019
1° Gameathlon Summer 2019
2° GLL S1 Summer 2019
1° GLL Winter Split 2019

Meet the Roster

Our roster our pride all on one place